The best exercise to lose thigh fat.

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Once cellulite that you don’t want to see in your body, it doesn’t disappear easily, which is often a concern. Providing more nutrients and oxygen throughout the body by improving circulation through steady exercise helps improve or prevent cellulite. Invest about 5 minutes a day to check for exercises that can remove cellulite from the back of your thighs.

1. Lie down and lift your legs.

Lie down and leave your elbows bent next to your body, stack your palms under your chin, and spread your knees on both sides. And keep your feet upright and keep your heels in contact with each other. Then lift the heel toward the ceiling, lift the thigh from the floor to the maximum height possible, and lower it. Repeat for a minute.

2. Hill bridge up and down.

You can increase the exercise effect by supporting your heels on the floor and raising your soles. Lie down straight, bend your knees, spread your legs wide, and raise your feet upright. And lift your hips using your heels while applying strength to your abs. You can squeeze your muscles while maintaining your posture. Hold out for at least 10 seconds, lower your hips, rest for a while, and repeat the same movement six times.

3. Diamond lift.

Let’s lie down on the mat and start. Attach your legs and lift them into the air at an angle of 90 degrees to your body. And hold out while maintaining your posture for 5 seconds. Slowly lower your heels and legs apart, creating a diamond shape. Then hold out while maintaining your posture for 5 seconds. Lift your legs again and endure for 5 seconds, then repeat the movement of lowering your legs and holding them in the form of diamonds for 5 seconds, and repeat 2 movements for a total of 1 minute.

4. Foam roller massage.

Place the foam roller on the floor and massage your thighs and legs evenly for 1 minute by putting your weight on it and pushing it gently. If you don’t use your arms and put your weight on the foam roller and leave your body as comfortable as possible, you can exercise effectively.

5. Stretch your legs to the back.

Lie down and start with a downdog posture. And lift your left leg into the air to get into position. It is recommended that the knees of the right and left legs be stretched as much as possible so that they do not bend. Then, maintain your posture, breathe more than 10 times, and return to the basic posture. Raise your left leg in the air, repeat the same way and exercise for 1 minute.

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