Smooth hip line and core strengthening.

Exercise effects can be enhanced through movements that can grow core and hip muscles at the same time. Strengthening the core and hip muscles, which are the core muscles of the body, is the best way to take care of your health while making your body pretty. You can effectively exercise by adding a kick to the plank, which is the epitome of core exercise, or by lunge or push-up deformation. Here are five exercises to build core and hip muscles at the same time.

1. Plank kick.

Method – 1) Start with a plank position. 2) Lift your right knee backward, squeeze your obtuse muscles, and raise your feet toward the ceiling. At this time, the spine should not bend in either direction and maintain a neutral position. 3) Once you return to your original position, repeat 30 seconds, and exercise the same way with your left leg. Using a resistive band, you can increase the intensity of exercise.

2. High lunge.

Method-1) Stand on the floor and step on your right leg, and raise your hand while stretching your left leg back to form a posture. 2) Lower your hips and make a posture so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. 3) Breathe slowly more than 10 times while maintaining your posture. 4) Switch legs, repeat for 1 minute.

3. Push-up transformation.

Method – 1) Start with a plank position. 2) Bend your arms and lower your upper body to the floor, and at the same time pull your left foot toward your left elbow to form a spider shape. 3) Return to the basic posture as you raise your upper body, and pull your right foot toward your right elbow as you lower it. 4) Repeat for 1 minute by switching legs.

4. T balance.

Method-1) First, stand on your left foot, lift your right leg at an angle of 90 degrees, and bend your knees. 2) Tilt your upper body forward and extend your right leg backward. 3) The arm stretches forward to center the upper body, and the legs are parallel to the floor. 4) While maintaining your posture for about 10 seconds, apply force to your right heel and push it back as much as possible. 5) Move your right leg forward and return to a standing position, completing one time, and repeat for one minute by changing your legs.

5. Dolphin plank.

Method -1) Lie down and lower your forehead toward the mat. Make sure that the middle finger of the elbow is in a straight line. 2) Stretch your legs and lower your heels toward the floor. 3) Keep your head comfortable between your arms and breathe more than 10 times. 4) Repeat for a minute.

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