Relieving shoulder muscle clumps.

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In the case of pain caused by shoulder muscles clumping, it is recommended to relieve it immediately through stretching. Stretching not only relaxes the lumped shoulders, but also helps smooth blood circulation and improves flexibility, which can prevent injuries. It also serves to relieve neck pain or headaches that can occur due to shoulder clumps. Here are six stretching poses to relieve shoulder pain.

1. Holding hands together.

Method-1) Kneel down and stretch your right arm toward the ceiling. 2) Bend your right elbow and keep your right hand between the shoulder blades. 3) Bring your left hand to your right elbow, apply force to your hand so that your shoulders can be fully opened. 4) Breathe 10 times and change your arm direction. 5) Repeat for 1 minute.

2. The posture that opens your posture.

Method-1) kneel down, sit on your heel, lean back slightly and place your palms away from your body. 2) Keep your fingertips pointing outward, secure your hands firmly on the floor, and lift your chest high. 3) Make your waist arched and push your hip toward your heel. To strengthen your stretch, lower your head backward and open wide from your throat to your chest. 4) Maintain your posture for about a minute.

3. Bow position.

Method – 1) Lie on the floor with your stomach on it. 2) Raise your legs and bend your knees to hold your ankles or toes with your hands. 3) Raise the upper and lower bodies and stretch the spine as much as possible. 4) Breathe 10 times while maintaining your posture, and return to your original position. 5) Repeat for a minute.

4. A posture that opens your shoulders.

Method-1) Make a low lunge position facing forward with your right leg, and place your left palm next to your right foot. 2) As you exhale, stretch your right arm back and make your palm face the ceiling, and then stretch your right shoulder to the maximum extent possible while placing the center of gravity in your left hand. 3) Maintain the posture for about 30 seconds and repeat the same in the opposite direction.

5. Leaning against the wall.

Method-1) Stand in front of the wall and spread your legs a little wider than your hips. 2) Lift your arms above your head and lean against the wall. 3) Gravity should be stretched enough to pull the upper body toward the floor. If you don’t have any impression on your shoulders or neck in this position, it’s good to keep your feet a little further away from the wall. 4) Maintain your posture and breathe for about a minute.

6. Stretch your upper body.

Method-1) Sit on your knees on the floor and spread your knees as wide as your hips. 2) Breathe deeply and bend your body so that it goes up on your thighs when exhaling. 3) Extract the neck and spine as long as possible, keep the ribs as far as possible from the tailbone, and pull the head out of the shoulder. 4) Put your arms comfortably next to your legs and stretch them forward. 5) Breathe more than 10 times while maintaining your posture. 6) Repeat for 1 minute.

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