Protein efficacy and whey protein types.

Whey protein is an essential nutrient that supplies the body’s energy and is a component of growth and development such as muscles and bones and various parts of the body.

Protein is also an element that makes and makes up hair, nails, and skin, and is also important for muscle formation.

Protein consists of tissue formation and growth maintenance of each cell and several amino acids, so a lack of protein leads to various protein deficiency symptoms. Because of that, protein is an important nutrient that you must eat.

Amino acids are composed of immune cell regulation and neurotransmitters, so it is very important to fill them with protein so that they are not lacking.

Among them, floating protein contains eight essential amino acids, so it is called a complete food.

whey protein effect

1. Whey protein

You can classify whey proteins according to how they are processed.
There are four types: WPI, WPC, WPH, and WPIH. 초유단백질 효능

1) Types of whey protein – WPI

It is a protein made by removing lactose and fat during the processing process of floating protein and is a separate whey protein with a high purity of more than 90%.
It is one of the types of proteins recommended for people with lactose intolerance due to its excellent digestion and absorption because it is a high-purity, high-purity, high-purity, high-purity protein with little fat.

2) Types of whey protein – WPC

It’s the basic whey protein that most people eat.
It is a concentrated lactose protein and has about 80% protein. In addition to protein, 20% contains lactose and fat.

3) Types of whey protein – WPH

It is called hydrolyzed whey protein made by adding digestive enzymes to floating protein.
It’s the best for people who can’t digest or absorb it well.
During the hydrolysis process, the protein is made very small, so the digestion absorption rate is very good, and the purity increases during the process of concentrating it with oil-based protein.

4) Types of whey protein – WPIH

It’s called hydrolysis separation oil-based protein. You can say that it has all three above it.
It is good for people with lactose intolerance to eat because they hydrolyze proteins and make them smaller, so it absorbs well and separates lactose and fat.
If you consume whey protein while exercising, it helps the protein absorbed by the muscles faster, so it is very good to recommend for muscle health.
This is why we recommend floating protein for muscle care or for the need to consume protein due to aging.

2. In closing

Protein is an essential nutrient that everyone needs, so if you want to eat floating protein, I recommend you to take a good look at the types of protein and choose what kind of protein your body is.
For those who have lactose intolerance, I recommend WPI or WPIH separation lactose protein.

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