Losing leg fat at home.

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In order to make your lower body line slim, you need to start yoga exercises. Increasing the intensity of exercise by adding deformation to the basic yoga posture can complete an elastic line while removing fat. Also, it can soften the body, improve blood circulation, and prevent cellulite. Let me introduce a five-minute yoga exercise to lose leg fat.

5 minute yoga exercise to lose leg fat at home.

1. Plank transformation.

Lie down on the mat in a basic plank posture and start. And raise your left foot high in the air and pull it toward your chest. Raise your legs to make a downdog posture, pull it, and return to the plank posture. Repeat for 30 seconds and proceed for 30 seconds with the opposite leg.

2. Wheel deformation.

While lying on the mat, press your hands and feet to the floor and float your body in the air. You can make the wheel posture of yoga. Hold it up so that your body is curved as much as possible. Then lift and lower your right foot, lift and lower your left foot. Repeat for 1 minute.

3. Downdog.

Kneel on the floor, bend your upper body forward, and start in a child position. And stretch your legs while raising your upper body, and switch to a downdog position. Straighten your elbows and knees completely, and your gaze is toward the tip of your toes. Breathe for 1 minute while maintaining your posture.

4. Bridge up and down.

Lie on your back on the mat, pull your knees, and stick your feet together. Then, press your arm to the floor and float your butt in the air. You can make the bridge position. Keep your body diagonal. Then lower your hips and lift them for a minute.

5. Plow.

Lie on the mat and completely fix your back on the floor. Support your arms and float your legs in the air. Don’t spread between your legs, and slowly raise it. Then, you can put your hair back completely. Put your toes on the floor, hold your waist with your hands, or clip them to the floor. Hang in there for a minute.

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