Losing belly fat while sitting down.

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There are several ways to remove belly fat that you can use your time to watch TV at home or simply proceed whenever you have time in your daily life. Since it’s a sitting motion, you don’t have to worry about noise between floors, and you don’t need any equipment. Before summer approaches, check out five exercises to lose belly fat to part with the sick and tired stomach fat.

1. Bicycle Crunch Deformation Posture

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and apply force to your abs and pull them in the direction of your spine. Then slowly tilt your upper body back, your legs lift into the air, and your arms stretch forward or put them on your head. Then, turn the torso to the right and pull the knee of the right leg so that the left elbow and right knee touch or are located at a close distance, and repeat the same in the opposite direction to complete the first round. Change direction and repeat as much as possible for 1 minute.

2. The posture of turning your legs.

Let’s sit on the floor and start. And send your palms back to the floor to balance your body, and lift your legs into the air. Stretch your knees as much as possible, and maintain your posture with the tip of your feet pointed. Then, turn the leg to the left as if drawing a circle, and then turn it to the right again to complete the first round. Repeat for 1 minute continuously.

3. Twist posture.

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and apply force to your abs and pull them in the direction of your spine. And slowly lean back until your feet fall off the floor. At this time, be careful not to bend your waist. Then stretch your arms forward and twist your torso to the right. After that, turn left again. The more you repeat this twist for a minute, the better it works.

4. Sit down and stretch your body.

Sit on your legs and put your hands behind your body, with your fingers facing outward. Then, move the center of gravity to the left hand while pushing your pelvis up, and turn your right hand around and place it above your head. And look at your left hand so that the right part can be stretched as a whole. If you put strength on your abs and lower your pelvis to the floor, one time is completed, and you change direction and repeat for one minute.

5. V posture.

Sit with your butt on the floor and stretch your legs. Put your hands behind your hips, slowly lean back, and lift your legs into the air. And make your legs at a 45-degree angle and maintain a V-shaped position. Then stretch your hand forward, hold out with the strength of your abs, breathe about 10 times, and return to your basic posture. If posture is difficult, bend your knees to make them parallel to the floor and exercise. Repeat for 1 minute.

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