Is push-up a full body diet?

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Push-up exercise is a full-body exercise that burns calories and builds muscles to help you lose weight. Just by doing push-ups every day, you can lose weight and get enough exercise. In addition, there are various effects such as promoting metabolism through exercise, improving flexibility, and correcting posture. It introduces the effects of push-ups and exercise methods that blow away whole body fat.

Push-ups effect.

Push-ups move all the main muscles of the body, including the arms, and support the body. Because several muscles are used through exercise, fat can be removed and the whole body can be strengthened. In addition, muscles such as when the body is lowered to the floor effectively increase flexibility, and the heart strengthens the cardiovascular system because it moves harder to deliver blood to muscle tissue. In addition, you can get exercise effects that prevent injuries and correct posture.

How to do push-ups.

1. Basic posture.

Method-1) Start with the basic plank position. 2) Bend your elbows and lower your chest toward the floor so that your shoulders and elbows are in a straight line. 3) If you go back to your original position, the first round will be completed. If your posture is difficult, you can kneel down and exercise. 4) Repeat at least 30 times.

2. Diamond push-ups.

Method-1) Make a diamond or triangular shape so that the index fingers and thumb of both hands touch the lower sternum located in the middle of the chest. 2) Bend your elbow to lower your chest toward the floor, and return to your original position to complete one round. 3) Repeat at least 30 times. If the posture is difficult, open your hands or feet slightly or move your knees against the ground.

3. Decline push-ups.

Method -1) Place your legs on a slope such as a bed or sofa, put your hands on the floor, and make a push-up posture. 2) Bend your elbow, lower your chest toward the floor, and return to your original position to complete the first round. 3) Repeat at least 30 times. To increase the effectiveness of exercise, lift one leg and proceed.

Tips for push-ups.

The palm should be located under the shoulder, and the finger should point in the forward direction. Also, you should stretch your upper body, hips, and legs so that they do not bend to form the line of your body. If you put strength on your abs and hip muscles, it helps you maintain your posture, and keep your eyes down and your neck neutral. Lastly, when bending your arms, be careful not to lift only your hips and allow the whole body to come down.

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