How to take care of your health in winter.

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It’s good to have cold-filled winter-related diseases,

how to take care of your health.

Let’s have a time to talk together.

A disease that is prone to occur in winter.

As the weather is cold, in winter,

Diseases that are more likely to occur than other seasons.

It’s on the many side.

The first one is **Norovirus**

Norovirus is a disease called food poisoning in winter.

It can be infected regardless of age.

Infections are sporadic around the world.

You can survive for a long time in sub-autumn weather.

Because it’s norovirus.

Don’t be relieved just because it’s winter. When you eat fish and shellfish,

It’s a good idea to tame the habit of cooking and eating.

Second is **cerebrovascular disease**

Due to the sudden temperature drop,

As blood vessels contract, such as stroke or cardiovascular disease,

It can increase your chances of exposure to risk.

When the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is large, the probability of developing the disease is particularly high

It is recommended to pay special attention as it is high.

In the case of older adults,

I should do that more, right?

Third is ** Respiratory disease**

Respiratory disease that can’t be separated from winter.

In winter, the temperature drops sharply.

The temperature difference is severe and it’s dry.

The respiratory tract and bronchial tubes become dry.

It’s easy for the respiratory tract to weaken.

Because the respiratory tract is weakened,

I have a runny nose or cough.

It’s easy to catch a cold, so you’d better be careful no matter what.

If you cough badly, it can spread to pneumonia!

Fourth is **Dry eye syndrome**

We talked about eye health and indoor air.

Just like that, dry eyes in winter

It’s one of the diseases that occur frequently.

It’s usually good to take care of your eyes thoroughly.

How to take care of your health in winter.

**1. Ventilate indoor air every 1-2 hours!**

I heard it’s cold, so I naturally ventilated.

I don’t really do it in the winter!

But if the indoor air is not properly ventilated,

The concentration of fine dust inside is higher than outside.

Since it’s a closed space, the cold virus…

**Viruses related to various diseases can also go around**

** Ventilation is essential every 1 to 2 hours.**

**2. Drink 1.5 liters of water a day!**

It’s hot in the hot summer. Drinking water…

It’s natural and has a lot of food.

In winter, it often decreases naturally.

Since it’s dry winter, it’s good to drink enough water

It’s a must for our bodies.

In the case of warm tea that you drink a lot in the winter,

It helps you drink a little bit of water,

There are tea types that make you drink more water.

**Drinking 1.5L of pure water**

**I recommend this.**

**3. Keep thorough hygiene after going out!**

**Wash your hands and feet thoroughly after going out.**

**Shake off the coat that you were wearing outside.**

**It’s a good idea to hang it.**

The largest proportion of the virus-

As much as the hand occupies,

I wash my hands often.

Just in case there’s a virus in your outdoor clothes,

It’s a good idea to change right away and thoroughly manage hygiene.

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