How to boost children’s self-esteem.

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if You hate your child as he grows up.

When your children are newborns and infants, they are just lovely, but you sometimes hate them every year you grow up. The frequency of irritation or anger gradually increases, and parents are surprised when they scream or throw things. Parents’ discipline doesn’t seem to work very well, and if you repeat the same mistake, your voice gets higher and higher.

Parents are also human, so if they are ahead of emotions, they can be beaten or violent. You should be careful not to lose your reason in everything because you may make remarks that can destroy your child’s self-esteem. There are some expressions that you must be careful about when referring to how to increase your child’s self-esteem. It’s not easy to be careful when you’re angry right away, but if you have this understanding, you can make no mistakes at an important time.

There are nail marks left.

If you remove the nail after hammering it into the wall, the nail marks will remain even if there is no nail. If you say something that will hurt the child’s heart, it remains deep in the child’s heart and makes the child suffer for the rest of his life. Instinctively, people have to be careful because they remember the negative events they experienced for a long time.

​If you are discriminated against, abused, or assaulted in your childhood, you may experience various psychological problems due to your self-defense mechanism. It is difficult to communicate with others, and you can take other people’s words crookedly. Parents should be careful not to make remarks that deny the relationship between parents and their children because they are ahead of them. If you don’t keep listening, saying that you’re no longer my child or that you’ll run away behind me can make the psychology of a child who relies solely on his or her parents very anxious. The child thinks he or she is not loved by his or her parents’ words.

Don’t say anything that denies your existence.

If you deny the existence of your child and push him/her to say why he/she was born, his/her self-esteem will collapse. This is because they feel worthless about their lives because their parents don’t admit it. In this case, you can’t trust yourself and doubt others, and you can’t do anything with confidence.

If someone doesn’t ask for it, you can become a passive person who doesn’t move. When remembering how to increase a child’s self-esteem, be careful not to take responsibility from parents or make remarks that ignore the child’s existence itself.

Even if you usually praise a child a lot to increase his or her self-esteem, a word like this can make all that effort into nothing. If a child cannot love himself, he or she falls into depression, and even an elementary school student is worried about running away from home or making extreme choices.

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