Exercise to lose belly fat in a minute.

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The belly fat, which is a concern because it doesn’t lose weight easily compared to other parts, can be effectively removed through several exercise postures that can be done at home. You can remove belly fat and complete a solid body by holding out without any movement. Let me introduce five poses to lose belly fat by holding out for a minute a day to get rid of the tiresome belly fat.

1. Chair deformation position.

Method – 1) Stand up and put strength on your abs throughout the exercise. 2) Stretch both hands toward the ceiling and attach them, and the gaze faces the fingertips. 3) Bend your knees slightly and your hips naturally pose in a chair. 4) Maintain your posture and hold out for a minute.

2. Tabletop position.

Method-1) Spread your legs as wide as your hips while lying on the floor, and press your soles and palms on the floor with your abs tightened. 2) Hands are placed under the shoulders, and the whole body is in a straight line so that it is in a table shape. 3) Hold out for a minute while maintaining your posture.

3. V deformation posture.

Method-1) Lie on the floor, bend your knees, and lift your legs into the air. 2) Stretch your arms forward and lift your upper body. 3) Pull the upper and lower body based on the hip to compress the abdomen. 4) Maintain your posture and hold out for a minute. If it is difficult to maintain your posture for a long time, it is okay to proceed by holding out 6 times for 10 seconds each.

4. Elbow plank position.

Method – 1) Lie down on the floor and start. 2) Tighten your abdomen and hips, and balance your body to prevent the pelvis from rising or drooping down. 3) Keep your elbows just below your shoulders and fix your forearms to the floor. 4) Keep your shoulder muscles firm, take a neutral direction so that your neck doesn’t lean anywhere, and your gaze is toward the floor. 5) Hold on while maintaining your posture for 1 minute.

5. Downdog posture.

Method-1) kneel down, start in a prone position, and open your fingers. 2) Put your toes on the floor and lift your knees from the floor. 3) When the hamstring and calves begin to open, stretch your legs and lower your heels to the floor. 4) Keep your head comfortable between your shoulders, breathe for a minute, and maintain your posture.

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