Exercise to get rid of fat.

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Through bare-body exercises that can be done at home, you can regain your invisible waistline surrounded by belly fat and side fat, and complete a beautiful S-line body by removing fat on your lower body without elasticity. It can help you take care of your health as well as your body. Check out six bare-body exercises that can restore your lost body line through steady home training.

1. Full bridge.

After lying on the floor, stretch your legs and spread them out as wide as your hips. And the arm is bent at a 90-degree angle, put it on the side, and fix it on the floor with your elbow. Then lift your hips as high as possible in the ceiling direction, applying force to your abs, shoulders, and elbows. Hang in there for about 10 seconds and slowly return to the basic posture to complete the first round. Repeat at least 6 times and adjust the intensity of exercise.

2. Sphinx.

Lie down on your stomach and start. Gather your big toes and place your arms next to your body. And allow the elbow to be located under the shoulder, and make the forearms parallel. Then, pull your chest between your arms and press your shoulders down and back. Also, push the pelvis to the floor. Breathe loudly more than 10 times while maintaining your posture, and repeat for about a minute.

3. Stretch your legs on your stomach.

After lying down, lift your left foot, squeeze it into the left obtuse muscle, put weight on your heel, and make your tailbone face the ceiling. Then move your weight forward, pull your left knee toward your chest, push your abs in the direction of your spine, and lift your left leg again to complete the first round. Cross your legs and repeat for 1 minute.

4. Side crunch.

Lie straight on the floor, bend your knees, and attach your soles to the floor. Stretch your arms above your head. And raise your shoulders from the floor while stretching your arms outward from your right knee. Then you can return to your original position, and this time you can exercise in the opposite direction. Switch directions and proceed for 1 minute.

5. Swimming.

Lie down on the floor, raise your arms above your head, and float your arms, legs, and head into the air. Then, protect the spine by applying strength to the abs, and lift and lower the right arm and left leg crossing each other. Then, repeat the same method for the left arm and right leg to complete one time, and repeat for one minute.

6. Deadburg.

Lie on your back on the floor, and lift your knees so that the shin and floor are parallel. And after the arm extends toward the ceiling, stretch the left arm toward the back of the head and stretch the right leg at the same time. Then, when the stretched arms and legs return to their original position, repeat this time with the right arm and left leg. Repeat these actions slowly for 1 minute.

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