Doing leg exercises at home.

Five leg exercises that you can do at home.

You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise your legs. Here are five leg exercises that you can easily do at home!

In order to build strong and pretty legs, you must know how to exercise your legs that focus on specific muscles.Only then will the muscles be properly maintained and the skin will become elastic over time.

Exercise can also prevent varicose veins and cellulite problems because blood circulation is good.

Above all, leg exercise is a big advantage that you can do it at home without going to the gym or other exercise equipment.

This article introduces five leg exercises that can be done at home every day.

Five leg exercises that you can do at home.

1. Squat.

Squats are one of the most basic leg exercises to build leg muscles. Over time, the obtuse muscles will be positioned beautifully, and the entire lower body can be exercised.

In addition, it helps boost metabolism, which can consume more fat.

How to work out.

– Stand upright with your legs shoulder-width apart. At this time, straighten your back.
– Put your hands in front of your body or next to your head. Slowly lower your body imagining sitting in a chair.
– When lowering the obtuse muscle downward, the knee should not move forward more than the toe.
– Come back to the initial position. Repeat 10-15 times.
– Three sets must be done to see the effect.

2. Lunge.

Leg exercise, lunge, which is good to do like the exercise introduced above. **This exercise also develops a sense of balance.

How to work out.

– Stand upright. Put your hands on your hips or below them.
– Spread your feet hip width, and put one foot forward. At this time, raise your left heel.
– Bend the knees of the front legs 90 degrees, and lower the body as if the opposite knee touches the floor.
– Stand up slowly. The other side exercises in the same way.
– Repeat three sets, 10 times each leg.

3. Side exercises.

Side exercises help to make leg muscles pretty and train dull muscles. In addition, when combined with squats, it becomes a more effective exercise.

How to work out.

– Stand in your seat and straighten your back. At this time, put your feet together and put your hands on your hips.
– Stretch one side of your leg to the side. At this time, the knee of the opposite leg is slightly bent.
– Lowering the obtuse muscles, like squats, results in more exercise.
– Go back to the initial position. Repeat the opposite side in the same way.
– Repeat 10 times for each leg and 3 sets.

4. Step box.

Step box exercise is usually done at gyms or other gyms. However, this article introduces how to exercise using wooden chairs or stairs at home.

How to work out.

– Straighten your back and stand upright. At this time, put your arm next to your body.
– Put one leg on the stairs and make the body straight with this leg.
– Go back to the initial position. The other side exercises in the same way.
– Perform 3 sets 10 times each.

5. Quadratic contraction.

The last leg exercise introduces quadriceps contraction.

It is an exercise method that can be exercised without other exercise equipment with a chair.

How to work out.

– Sit on the chair. Straighten your back properly and leave your legs comfortable.
– Lift one leg forward with your shoulder tilted back. At this time, the quadriceps muscles must contract.
– Slowly lower your legs. In the same way, exercise the other leg.
– Do three sets of exercises 10 times each leg.

Are you ready to do leg exercises at home now? Let’s take a few minutes to do the exercise we introduced earlier. You’ll be able to make much prettier legs!

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